SNP Update Oct. 2008!

This has been a very busy time for the Subsidised Neutering Project with lots of free media advertising, promotional events and opening up the area to include dog owners from Ierapetra to Hania!

In total, we have helped neuter over 112 dogs, 2/3 of which are female, at a 50% subsidy for the operation and 100% for the microchip. We have also had hunters signing their dogs up to the project for 100% subsidy!

This means that even if each dog had one litter of 4 puppies in its lifetime, we have saved 448 puppies!!!

Feedback from the owners has been positive as they can’t afford to pay veterinary prices, especially when they own more than one dog and many of the dogs neutered have had previous litters of puppies!

A big thank you to everyone involved and we wish SNP all the best for 2009!