A busy but sad day for us volunteers…

Today was the joyful day we were all dreading! Moving EVERYTHING from the bazaar venue to our little shop! After many car loads and boxes of books, clothes etc, the task was complete!

Thank you to all who helped!!!

On with the next task… to the vet with 2 cats for neutering from our Xalkiadakis/Spar Cat cafe!

An urgent call for help… 4 tiny kittens (one of which had died) were found next to a rubbish bin, wrapped in a fleece blanket. Too weak to survive without their mother, the sad and difficult decision was made to euthanise them…

tomorrow will be a better day:-)


Goal winter bazaar reached!!!

The goal which was “set” for this winter season’s bazaars has been reached!

Thanks to the great effort all volunteers have put in to this, the generous donations that have been given to make this event possible and the support that was shown on the bazaar days, we have been able to raise an amount of …….

over  €8000,-

We would like to thank everybody for their precious help, and thank especially

Angeliki, Eric and Claire from Gringo’s Restaurant in Malia

as they make it possible for us to grow bigger every year!

From November 2009 winter bazaars bigger & better??? For sure we will try!!!

May you wish to help us doing so, please contact us.

Thank you to our volunteer bazaar team!!!

Thank you to our volunteer bazaar team!!!

Daphne’s Bath!

What could be better than a nice bath to wash off all the winter mud on a warm day in Spring?!

Latest news from Bonar!

Bonar is getting used to his new city life and loves long runs on the beach but he is still a little unsure of the forest areas!














(see his story here)

Donkey stable update!

It is almost finished and we are all very excited!

A huge thank you to Kor for his valuable work!

Halkiadakis Cat Cafe

We wish to thank Halkiadakis for their donation and inform everyone that there is now a cat cafe in the super market’s parking area in Malia. The cats have been neutered and ear tipped for identification purposes.

Donkey Stable!

Our brand new donkey stable is well on its way to completion and should be ready in a couple of weeks!