Spar Cat hit by car!!!

One of our cats from the Spar/Halkiadakis super market cat cafe was recently the victim of a traffic accident!

With a broken jaw the ”before” photos are too graphic to post.

Please see him now recovering in one of our foster homes after he has had surgery and a pin placed in his jaw…

We wish him all the best:-)



3 Responses

  1. No wonder he is eating with great appetite.. He is catching up.. hahahaha

  2. Yes, he is eating well and with great appetite now!!!

  3. Hi all,

    I’m so glad that he is doing much better. The first few days after his operation I was really worried because he didn’t want to drink and eat by himself. Luckely I managed to get some water and juice of cat food into his mouth and het started licking. The licking got better every day. When I left to go back to Holland again I was really worried for him but I’m so glad he is doing much better know.


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