Barn Owl

Barn Owl
This beauty was the last baby in a clutch hatched in an ventilation pipe from the kitchen of a Bar in Malia. It had fallen out of the pipe and landed on the concrete floor.
Our volunteer for wildlife, Margaret, took it to the vet who could not detect any injuries, so again took it home and fed it on chicken and mice. At first it did try to fly and would sometimes be perched on a pillar high up on the aviary but one day it was found it on it’s back and since then it has not flown, and just flutters from box to floor and onto the branches arranged in  the aviary.
It eats well on mice and small rats which I get from the pet shop or from friends whom I have persuaded to catch their unwanted vermin and give them to me.  It also eats raw chicken wings which I have to break the bones and give vitamins and minerals twice weekly.
At least it is alive and eating well, however, not really a happy situation for a barn owl to be in… we hope there is still a happier end to come…

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