Hania Humane Education!

On the 20th of June, I was supposed to be having a nice relaxing Saturday evening with my friends… No chance!

A few days before I received a telephone call from Natasa, of the Hania animal protection society… Their volunteer, whom I had previously trained in humane education, was unable to help them on this day so I agreed to travel to Stavros (where scenes from Zorba the Greek were filmed) to present to 30 youngsters, ages 11-17 about animals.

This certainly was a challenge but all went well and Natasa, along with the youngsters’ language school, offered them certificates of attendance!

Many were shy, others very inteersted and asking questions! One youngster even remembered me from 2 years ago, when I had presented in his school and he even remembered the story I told them about Irma, a little dog, loved so much but later abandoned…

All in all a great night and worth the long drive!


Another week starting!

Charity Shop is open!

The Charity Shop is now open!!!

Every Wednesday and Saturday from 18:00 ~ 21:00

at Agios Dimitrious square in the Old Village of Malia.


Come in and have a scroll through the 2nd hand clothes, accessories & books (English, German, Dutch, Greek, Swedish & French) and find a nice bargain!

Or just come in for a chat or questions about our work or animal welfare in Greece in general….

Any donations of goods are kindly accepted! All proceeds will go to the important projects of the Cretan Animal Welfare Group!

Hope to see you soon!

GAWF Writing Competition!

The annual GAWF writing competition has been running now for 12 years! It first began with a little over 700 entries and 2009 brought in an amazing 5500 plus!!!

The prize giving ceremony for Crete was held at the Capsis Beach Hotel with 15 of the 16 winners attending!


Please find more information on the links and we will be publishing some of the childrens’ stories in the days to come…

… stories that show things are changing for the better, stories that all of us involved in animal welfare need to see every once in a while!

First Seeds of the Organisational Development Process!!!

Dear friends and supporters,

many of you will have been wondering what organisational development means and what CAWG has been doing (apart from all our ongoing projects)!

We can now provide you with the first results and part of the plan that our consultant assisted us with developing! A big Thank you to all involved!


A world in which animals and the environment are respected and protected.

Mission : To improve the status and welfare of animals through the following programmes: –

  • Advocacy – to inspire social change
  • Education – to create an awareness of the interconnection between humans, animals and the environment
  • Projects – that contribute to sustainable change.

Ways of Working

Committed, Caring, Cooperative, Educative, Honest, Professional


The ethical basis for CAWG’s policies is that it looks beyond the conservation of a species to the welfare of individual animals. It is CAWG’s belief that each individual has an intrinsic value, and should be respected and protected.

Animals have biologically determined instincts, interests and natures, and can experience pain. Thus CAWG believes that animals have the right to live their lives free from avoidable suffering at the hands of humans, rather than be used simply as ‘raw materials’ for the benefit of mankind. Indeed, CAWG believes that it is the duty of humans to provide for the welfare of other species.

CAWG believes that all animals kept by, or under the control of, humans must be kept in circumstances appropriate to their species. Further, where the physiological and behavioural needs of a species cannot be met, the species must not be kept by man.

CAWG believes that where the welfare of an animal under human control is in question, then the animal must be given the benefit of any doubt. Furthermore, the different purposes for which animals are used must be regularly re-evaluated.

Main Pillars of Work


Overall Goal: To develop programmes (covering advocacy, education and projects), with clear priorities, which use existing resources effectively to achieve mission in a sustainable way.

Current programme priorities: –

  • Education
  • Campaigns
  • Dogs/Subsidised neutering project
  • Equine Outreach
  • Cats/Catch-neuter-release; Fostering and referrals

Organisational Development

Overall Goal: To develop our professional organisation to most effectively fulfil our mission.

Fundraising & Marketing

Overall Goal: To develop CAWG’s resources, profile and image and spread public awareness of animal welfare.

Networking & Cooperation

Overall Goal: To develop networking and cooperation opportunities in order to further CAWG’s programme and fundraising/marketing objectives.

Monday once again!

Larry’s Summer Haircut!

I think that feels better in 32 Celsius!