Lara goes to the MAP reunion… (part 2)

Here I am again! Did you miss me?!

Lara.So, after running after all the available tennis balls and playing with all the other dogs and their companion animals, it was time for donkey talk!

This is the Ezelopvang Kreta (Cretan Donkey Care) info stand. Not very exciting is it?! Until… Bo came along!

donksBo is an 8 year old supporter and dedicated fundraiser who after having raised 300 EUR for the charity that supports CAWG’s equine projects, was announced Ambassador of Ezelopvang Kreta!!!

donks (3)We wish Bo and Ezelopvang Kreta all the best for the future and I would like, at this point, to thank MAP for helping all my friends and holding this reunion for me! (ok, and for Miriam!)

Mariska, Aeila, Ineke (MAP committee members)

Mariska, Aeila, Ineke (MAP committee members)


Zunaira urgently needs a foster home!


A soon to be 3 legged girl, Zunaira is at the moment living under some olive trees but desperately needs a foster home! CAWG cover all food and vet costs and find her a family!

If you could foster her through hard times and on her way to a loving home, she would be forever grateful!


Lara goes to the MAP reunion…

Hi everyone!

My name is Lara, I’m a rescue German Shepherd (although the only thing that I herd are rabbits and guinea pigs) and I have been to Holland now twice with my companion animal, Gayner.  I know that she is a bit stressed when separated from me during the flight but it is better this way… she goes through terrible separation anxiety if she leaves me for a few days!


My first trip to Holland was a very cold holiday in Easter 2008 which you will all read about (from Gayner’s point of view) in the Autumn/Winter Paw Print. This time, I went to reunite with old friends invited by Mirtos Animal Project… I thought they held the reunion just for me, until SHE arrived…




… and her family…


… and friends!

However, there were many others that were happy to see me and vice a versa!

Sissi Boy, Gipsy, Tracey, Roda, Silky and many more!!!

… to be continued with the donkey related info in a couple of days, Don’t miss it!!!

Do YOU agree with bullfighting?

If NOT, then send a photo HERE !!!!


We need your opinion!!!

An article by our vet…

Can Cats and Dogs catch Swine Flu? (in GR)

2nd go at the concert a hit!!!

With the weather cool but the rain holding off, it was the perfect evening for a concert!

SNP Armos Concert (10)

Everyone was friendly and many were interested in the SNP, even people from Athens!

SNP Armos Concert (5)

Thank you to Armos music band and everyone who supported us!

SNP Armos Concert (1)