Helping Equines & their owners 1/4

The results are out with a staggering 93 animals cared for within a week by the Equine Team!!!

These included 60 donkeys, 28 horses, 2 ponies, 1 mule and 2 goats.

This gives us a 50% rise in the numbers of animals whose welfare we have improved and many more happy owners!


….1st day of the Equine Outreach Programme…more bad news!

Gayner, Diana, Hans, Gary and Sue had left early with the car this first morning of our equine outreach programme. They went to Agios Nikoloas, Kritsa, Katharo Plateau, Kalo Chorio and Prinas.

As two more supporters were very interested in coming as well it was decided to take the mobile clinic. Other cars weren’t available and it might attract more attention which could have a positive influence on this very important programme for the Cretan donkeys…

Well it did attract attention! But not in the way expected! Donkeyproject not even started yet... (18)

The clinic didn’t want to start although we had driven with it the previous day! Trying to start it with starting-cables didn’t have an effect! So lets try it another way…

Let’s tow it the Greek way!  Donkeyproject not even started yet... (22)

Or is this the English way??  Donkeyproject not even started yet... (23)

Anyway, it was one way or the other working and we managed to get it started! Straight to the mechanic though and other transport needed to be found quick to be able to follow the rest of the group! Which we did, more about that soon!

Michael, Yiannis and the other passing neighbour:

Efxaristoeme poli gia tin voitheia sas!!

Hopefully the start of the equine outreach project doesn’t say anything about the results …

Thursday 8th of October ‘our’ Dutch farrier Hans and  English equine-dentist Gary arrived in Crete to help us once again with our Equine Outreach Project.

The arrival of Hans in the morning went according to schedule, but the arrival of Gary late at night was planned a bit different…

Donkeyproject not even started yet... (10)

This cute little dog called Scarf managed to lock everybody out of the car while all luggage and both carkeys were still inside!

Donkeyproject not even started yet... (6)

Donkeyproject not even started yet... (9)

Have you ever seen people trying to make a dog open a car door by making it press a tiny little button?

It looks something like this!

After about an hour or so some of us still continued while others showed their patience……. Donkeyproject not even started yet... (13)

But finally the persevering person wins! The car got unlocked (not by the useless dog that fell asleep inside but by a piece of metal!), the luggage was taken out and Hans, Gary and the rest of the team could go to sleep to get ready for the busy programme.

As you can imagine we temporarily removed this sticker from the car window 😉

Donkeyproject not even started yet... (16)

Competition Winners!!! Διαγωνισμός Ζωγραφικής!!!

Last but not least!

logo 2009

Dear friends

The 2009 World Animal Day celebration on 10th October was a huge success with a turnout well over and above our expectations. And it would not have been such a success without your significant help and contribution.

A massive thank you for all your hard work and support. It has helped to generate a lot of good-will and funds that will help us to continue working towards improving the welfare of animals on Crete.

With the very best wishes,

Kerenza, Marcel and everyone at the CAWG

“Working towards a better future for animals on Crete and beyond.”

WAD (5/5)

Face Painting… a huge attraction!

WAD (4/5)

Drawing Competition…