What would have happened if…?

…someone had loved and cared for this dog, Sirus, just a little more?

Or even if the people who saw him had given him some water immediately?

This may just have saved him – but unfortunately Sirus passed away as a result of kidney failure.

When Sirus was handed to us, we knew that it was going to be difficult to save him. But of course we could not turn him away and had to try to help him. In such extreme cases of animal neglect and abuse, we will always do our very best for the welfare of the animal.
It is a case in point that shows that we must continue trying to have the resources (people, time and money!) to focus on such extreme cases. One of the key ways to achieve this is to develop and expand our foster homes program. This program frees the more experienced volunteers, enabling them to give such cases of extreme abuse and cruelty the attention and care they need and deserve. Sadly for Sirus it was just too late….

Sirus at arrival (14)

Therefore it is so important that:

  • if you see a dog in such a bad state, try to give it some water – this could already be a life saver!
  • we continue to find more foster homes in order to allow us to dedicate more time to extreme cases of abuse and cruelty
  • you support us with donations and fundraising –  for blood tests, emergency medication and special food for him we spent over 200 Euros.
Help us to help them!
What would have happened if…?


GAWF Cretan Workshop 2009

With many Cretan societies and one from Serres attending, the GAWF workshop was a great success!

Topics such as Fundraising and Humane Education were covered and delegates took part in activities such as creating a campaign plan and budget as well as conducting a successful media interview.

Dogs on a sunny Sunday in Heraklion

Thank you to GAWF for organising this,

WSPA for covering the costs and

the Marin Hotel in Heraklion for their warm hospitality.

Furthermore, we are happy to announce that our very own volunteer, Kerenza, was also presenting at the workshop and provided us with positive feedback!

Do you remember Miriam??? (1/3)

The cry for help in our last Winter Paw Print ( https://cawggreece.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/1autumn08-3.jpg )  had effect and a foster home was found for her in Holland. Her foster mum tells the rest of her story…

Monday 23rd February: Arrival & 1st weekend with us…

The meeting of Miriam with Zico (♂) and Marley (♀), our other 2 dogs, through the fence went well. Later we put them together and after a while we could take Miriam’s muzzle off…it just went great!! I kept waiting for Miriam’s little horns to show up, but thankfully they stayed away. Miriam is very affectionate, keeps giving kisses and is a real cutie.

The next day Miriam comes for a walk with Zico & Marley. Marley isn’t that interested in Miriam but she is not nasty to her either. Zico is very nosy and playful to Miriam.

That night at 23:00 I went for a last round, although it was cold. Miriam was enjoying nosing around and exploring the neighborhood that eventually I came home 45 min. later and what does dear Miriam 2 minutes after entering the house??? A big pee, right in front of my nose! I corrected her immediately and send her to the back garden and since then no surprises anymore!! Another positive thing: the cat of the neighbors walked through the garden while Miriam was there…Miriam looked at him, sniffed at him and walked on. Bravo!!


Sunday 1st March: A little incident…

First week went well except for a small incident between Marley and Miriam, from Marleys side! Marley is in season, so guess it was related to that, she is always a bit moody then… It was anyway to be expected that something like this would happen; the mutual order has be established at some point!! Marley is now ok and sweet again to Miriam. Miriam likes to snuggle up, follows me everywhere, gives lots of kisses and her tail might fall off of all the wagging!

Miriam is a Golden Dog and we are seriously thinking of adopting her ourselves…


Saturday 21st March: Work required…

It all goes really well between Miriam and Marley, they lay together and give each other kisses.

Nevertheless Miriam shows some actions that require work: my mail is not a toy, nor is the remote control! A bone usually sorts the problem which is of course removed when we leave so no fights will occur. A bigger problem is her growling at visitors. She lies next to me and starts barking and growling. When I say something she stops, but as soon as the visitor comes closer she starts again. We also have to be careful with some other dogs, which she can have a fierce reaction to.

In spite of it all we have decided to…adopt Miriam!! She is such a grateful dog which keep surprising us every time again. She loves dog snacks and you can see her enjoy them. Our other dogs as well but are much more spoiled. If I give those two a bowl of food they give me a look like: “Hey, where is the soft, tin food? I don’t want this stuff!”. While Miriam straight starts eating!

Counting dogs…

… to measure the success of our subsidised neutering project.

We now have the data from 6 surveys throughout the Malia and Stalis area done over the last 2 years , recording numbers of roaming cats and dogs.  We use this information particularly to check whether the subsidised neutering project is having an impact on the stray dog population. It is also a useful indication of the movement of roaming cat and dog populations according to seasonal changes .

to all the volunteers that once again offered their valuable time and efforts to support our work for animals!

SNP Survey Nov2009 (3)

Bazaars re-started!!!

Our first bazaar was a success and raised enough funds to help :

* treat almost 100 working equines, mainly donkeys in the more remote Cretan villages, or

* neuter approx. 14 cats, or

* rescue and rehome 4 seriously injured strays or 9 puppies, or

* organise a visit to schools by SAPT Hellas, therapy dogs from Athens,  or

* run the Free Range Eggs campaign for a whole year to help free millions of battery cage hens from their suffering

So, thank you to all the volunteers and people who attended and see you at the next bazaar!!!

Next Bazaar Sunday 13th December!!!!

Same time, same place and hopefully same weather 😉

Animal Welfare Matters to the United Nations

Tell the world today that Animals Matter to you http://www.animalsmatter.org WSPA, alongside key governments supporting the development of a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW), hosted a series of meetings at the United Nations during World Animal Week 2009 (4th-10th October).

Our Quote in The Khronicles!


Visit the article and our quote HERE!

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