Malia Municipality Action! (part3)

A great success!!!

Well, the dogs caught probably didn’t think so but they don’t realise that it is better for them in the long term…

So,after all the lobbying in the past 6 years…

… after all the Humane Education presentations in the Malia schools in 2009…

… after all the poster and leaflet distribution in early February…

… after all the preparation done on Kathara Deftera…

… after all the dog catching last Monday & doing a radio interview with Alpha Radio at the same time…

… after the newspaper article in Nea Kriti and the Kriti TV Interview 2 days ago…

We can finally rest!!!

Well, when the dogs are returned to their areas that is 😉


May I introduce myself???

This story may sound a bit harsh, but it’s a hard world we animals are living in!

In the past I have many times been compared with Wobbly (may he R.I.P. in dog-heaven!) but now that he has passed away recently I am hoping to get my own glory, which in my opinion I so deserve!

I am living for about 1½yrs now with some other long term residents in a CAWG foster-home. When I arrived here they gave me the beautiful name Finn 🙂

I was found in Neapoli after being hit by probably a car. My pelvis was broken so I couldn’t walk in the beginning. But with the love & attention of the CAWG volunteers and of course regular food & water I got on my legs again. Not as everybody expected though, as my balance wasn’t 100%,  probably due to spinal cord damage….That’s how everybody started comparing me with Wobbly!

To be honest, I walk better than he did and I am more stable on my legs, but then again I have to admit that he was much more photogenic! I hate it when people get their camera out and start clicking! Like they have never seen anything like me before…..Some volunteers do insist and manage to make a good one of me. You should see how happy they are then, crazy people! Here are some of those results….

I am not the kind of dog that runs straight towards new people, I need some time to get used to them…but when I do I like to come and get my cuddle! You know what I like to do when I get the chance??? Chase cats! And that I can do in a straight line! Isn’t that weird? But thanks to that hobby I am closed in a pen with the other dogs and not free like Wobbly always was 😦

There has been mention of me finding a nice home but who would want a dog like me??? Therefore people (i.e. somebody like you!) can sponsor me so the costs of me staying here long term are sort of covered and they wouldn’t find a reason to chuck me out 😉 Not that they would ever do that, but me staying here does cost money which needs to be paid by somebody you know!!!

So in case you are interested in sponsoring me, do contact CAWG! You could ensure a good future for me!

Thanks for listening to my story!

Yours faithfully,


Keep Animals Out of Cages!!!

Please sign the petition for the Chania Animal Protection society to help lobby the Municipality in order to remove the animals from the cages in the Municipal Gardens!

Exactly one week ago….

…was Valentine’s Day!

And it started early for the CAWG volunteers! Not with breakfast in bed! No! With setting up the bazaar!

From 7am we started getting all the stands ready & carrying out the boxes with goods so we would be ready at 10am for the big rush!

And as always, thanks to all our hard working volunteers, we were ready in time!

As it was Carnival day we extended our activities with face painting until the Malia Carnival started at 3.30pm.

Our info stall was present with leaflets on all sorts of animal welfare issues and of course our Subsidised Neutering Programme coordinator was there to promote one of our most important projects!

The planned raffle couldn’t be done due to a lack of manpower… (anybody interested to help with this next time?! 😉 )

Anyway we do hope we made this up with the presence of our mascot Marley!!!

We would like to thank

* Securtiy Action Services (SAS) for offering their help & services at our bazaar

*  Πολιτιστικός & Λαογραφικός Σύλλογος Μαλίων for giving us the change to promote our work & raise some extra funds on this Carnival Day in Malia

Malia Municipality Action! (part2)

Kathara Deftera (Greek for “Clean Monday”; the day after Carnival) became literally a clean Monday for our CAWG volunteers!

A few days ago we blogged about CAWG spreading the posters for this important scheme as CAWG agreed with the Malia Municipality to help them this first time catching stray dogs for their upcoming Catch-Neuter-Release scheme.  This might have seem as CAWG’s first step in this process but wasn’t really as we have been helping the Municipality with the preparation before launching this scheme on matters such as suggesting what steps should be taken to start this scheme, providing estimated numbers of strays currently in Malia, help creating posters to inform the citizens, planning the catching procedure, etc.

Anyway, we won’t mention about all that ;-), but will continue with the next step that had to be taken….

CAWG had to get ready for catching the dogs! Which meant:

If these photo’s don’t speak for themselves 🙂 here is a little summary:

*Choosing a variety of transport boxes so prepared for any size dog *Cleaning transport boxes as they were in storage *Provide transport boxes with newspapers *Put transport boxes in clinic (which will be used as storage & distributing poing from a central point in Malia only) *Pick out suitable collars and leads *Make goody bags for dog catchers containing: leads, collars, labels, markers, our own SNP leaflets & GAWF’s Responsible Pet Owner leaflets and not to forget: yummy food!!!

So CAWG is ready! And now waiting for the signal of the Dimos to get catching!

Counting animals again…

Our first survey for 2010!

Once again, our dedicated volunteers walked the streets of Malia and Stalis counting roaming cats and dogs on public property.

Soon the 2008 and 2009 Survey Results will be posted on the blog! Don’t miss them!

We will be using this method as an indicator for success of the Subsidised Neutering Project for owned dogs and as background research for the stray cat population.

Did Wobbly ever realise???

We would like to thank everybody for their heart warming emails & comments which we literally received from all over the world!!!

It did the volunteers a lot of good and made the loss a bit easier to handle…

We are wondering now… did Wobbly ever realise how far his fame reached???

As he always stayed so modest 😉