Malia Municipality Action! (part 6)

After Malia Municipality’s CNR action was carried out over a month ago, expenses needed to be calculated to see if any money remained…

If so, it had to be decided what to do with this money… spent it on the puppies which were left at the municipal workplace or neuter more stray dogs??

Finally a decision was taken in favour of the stray dogs! Some citizens of Malia had contacted the Dimos to ask for help for strays in their neighborhood. As their was only enough money available for 3 bitches to be neutered it was decided that these concerned citizens would be contacted to help ‘their’ strays.

So last Monday, CAWG volunteers went once again to catch dogs!

This time the catching went a lot easier as we got help from the concerned citizens.

Two dogs walked easily into the travel-box but another was very weary of us… Maybe that was because she had only recently given birth to 9 puppies… or she had heard us talking of their prospects…

With the help of a very brave Malia citizen she was caught and reunited with her pups in the travel-box… unfortunately for only a short while as a hard decision needed to be taken about their fate…

Let’s be clear… None of the involved persons wanted it to be done! Nor did anybody take on the big and impossible responsibility of finding 9 good homes for these lovely, little, innocent creatures… so what would have happened to them if left to grow up on the street….? Exactly!

Soon all three dogs will be, a little lighter ;-), returned to their old neighborhood and live happily ever after! Just like the other ones of the first action are doing now!!! All have been spotted since, still roaming the Malia and Stalis streets and summer is on it way!! 🙂


Equine Outreach in Dutch Magazine!

by Diana Hermans (founder of Cretan Donkey CareEzelopvang Kreta)

Wow!…now you can find us in the Dutch ‘Griekenland Magazine’!

We are, of course very happy with that, because not only is it advertising our foundation Cretan Donkey Care but also our beautiful and very necessary outreach project, organized by the Cretan Animal Welfare Group. However, the best of all is that, finally there is attention given for the situation of the donkeys on Crete.

On Crete, as in the rest of Greece, donkeys are still used by the elderly citizens as their transport and to help them work the land. This is why this Outreach Project is so very necessary. Cretan Donkey Care helps and supports with this, both financially and physically. When you dedicate yourself to raising funds for this great project, isn’t it logical that you also want to physically experience it?

To date we have already done so twice and we have been very busy preparing for our next fast approaching April visit.  We are now all ready to start our 3rd outreach! We can hardly wait to go around all week from early in the morning until late at night, to be able to help as many equines and their owners as possible, providing them with our free ‘service’.

There will be many beautiful and good experiences but, of course we will, unfortunately also see some other things…….

Our experience has shown that this ‘animal abuse’ is usually caused by ignorance on the part of the owners, but also by the impossibility to provide the right care. It is often the case that the right care is not available on the island or that financially it is just not feasible. We therefore try to provide the owners with information and simple tips to make it possible for them to provide a better future for their donkey themselves.

We do this with patience, but most of all with respect for both humans and animals. We are, after all, visitors on their beautiful island and should therefore treat these proud Cretan people and their habits and customs with respect. If we foreigners want to ‘teach’ them something then this requires a tactful approach in order to build up their trust and a good working relationship.

For almost 10 years now, Cretan Animal Welfare Group has been helping equines on Crete, originally working with national and international societies but now progressing to working with Cretan Donkey Care on our own Equine Outreach Project. Last year, 2009 we traveled twice, Spring and Autumn to more remote villages to provide our specialist service. After an equine’s first ‘service’ it usually requires less time on subsequent visits and their satisfied owner spreads the word of the free ‘service’ by mouth, which means that each time we can see and help more animals.

That is the start of a better future for the many working donkeys still on Crete! And that is what we are aiming for…. Please help us to continue our work………every little helps ….. and the donkeys, their owners and ourselves are all very grateful.

Are you interested in our story, the glossy magazine is now available in Dutch and Belgium bookstores and supermarkets!!

CAWG Statement – Δήλωση Φιλοζωικής Κρήτης

GR * Θα θέλαμε να σας ενημερώσουμε ότι η Φιλοζωική Κρήτης δεν συμφωνεί, και δεν συμφώνησε ποτέ, με την λειτουργία του
μη αδειοδοτημένου καταφυγίου για ζώα στην περιοχή των Γουρνών (πρώην Αμερικάνικη Βάση).
Προσφέρθηκαν επανειλημένως βοήθεια, συμβουλές και υποστήριξη στα μη κυβερνητικά σωματεία
που εμπλέκονται αλλά η προσφορά αυτή δεν έχει ακόμα αξιοποιηθεί.

UK * We would like to inform you that the Cretan Animal Welfare Group is not, and has never been, in agreement with the operation
of the unlicensed animal shelter facility in Gournes (former American Base).
Help, advice and support has repeatedly been offered to the Non Governmental Organisations
involved but this offer has not yet been taken advantage of.

Simon Cowell supports UDAW!!!

Sad news was received…

Two years ago we were over the moon when we finally had found a home for long term resident Lorna. She went to Holland and had found a wonderful family! We received photos of her and you could see she was doing great.

About a month ago we unexpectedly received the sad news that Lorna had given up on life after she had been fighting an illness for almost 6 months…

She will by now be reunited with some of her old friends, who just like her stayed long term at The Haven, but unfortunately never had the wonderful experience of finding a home again!

CAWG would like to thank Lorna’s family and express our gratitude for them offering her the wonderful experience of being a beloved member of their family, for, unfortunately too short a time.


He’s running again and has Athens in sight – you could as well….

Donate & Win a City Break to Athens

Marcel van der Molen has given himself the challenge this year of improving his best marathon time by 15 minutes – that’s one minute faster for every year of CAWG’s existence. So he must finish within 3hrs 30 min. He w…ill try to accomplish this first at the Enschede Marathon on 25th April and then at the 2,500 anniversary year of the marathon run at the Athens Classic Marathon on 31 October. Can he and the animals count on your support? For only €10 donation to CAWG you will have a chance to win a fantastic 4-night city break in Athens, including flights and hotel accommodation. For every €10 you will have an entry in the draw, so if you want to increase your chances, simply donate any multiple of €10.
Support Marcel and you could find yourself enjoying a great break in Athens. And you are supporting CAWG in working towards a better future for animals on Crete and beyond.

Just Donate it and visit

Tess, Rudy & TT need YOU! Urgently… time is running out…

Dear supporters,

we are appealing to you on behalf of their owners who are forced to return to the UK due to the economic crisis and cannot afford to take their animals home with them…

Tess our English dog is a spayed 10yrs old collie cross.
Still in great health, still loves her walks and also her comfort as befits her age 🙂 Still likes to be the boss and keeps the others “in line”
I know its an extreme! long shot to find her a new home at her age but after some long talks here we decided IF  we could find someone to foster her for the time it takes to get her passport done, we should then be in a position to get her back to the UK. She was our first dog so has a rather special attachment and facing the other option 😦 is obviously very upsetting to us all.

Rudy is the other dog which is currently on the MAP website in Holland…
He came to us after being fed by a local lady who returned to the UK and basically abandoned him so we took him on. He was extremely afraid of humans and was only comfortable with other dogs. He’s now a lovely little chap, very playful and loves affection! Walks well on the lead though still a little nervous especially of very noisy traffic. Approx 2 years old… Bread unknown? 😉

TwoTone (or TT for short) is a one year old castrated male. Rescued from the side of the road the morning after a big storm. Obviously he had been washed away by flood waters as his ears were full of dirt and his eyes closed. He had a tough first week but recovered fully and is now a typical male cat who treats home as a hotel! Nice bed, bit of food and off again!

The harsh reality is that Tess, Rudy and TT will have to be euthanised if a (foster)home is not found… they are not able to survive as strays and no NGO can help by taking 3 more animals into care! Please contact us for the owner’s email, should you be able to help in some way…

Thank you for reading our desperate call for help…