Spring clean for your pc!

As we have recently flooded your pc with news of CAWG’s work we would like, as a gesture of appreciation for your interest, to offer you some help…

You probably don’t clean your computer screen very often and it is really hard to do the inside,
so here is our present to you.

Click on the word  “here”  above and wait for a few seconds and the inside of your screen will be cleaned for you!

Hope you have now a clear view again for the CAWG news still to come 😉


Testing… 1, 2, 3…

Cat in Distress!

Once again CAWG was contacted for help regarding a stray cat… we are paying towards the cost for any medical attention he needs and here is the message from the people who found him and are caring for him:

”The cat came over to our house last Friday but it seems he might have been injured a day before. His abdomen was slit open with some of his intestines sticking out of the wound so we had hardly any hope if he’d make it. But he did and at the moment he’s walking around our garden or sleeping on the doorstep (he’s not that fond of staying indoors as we have several cats of our own and naturally after the surgery he prefers some peace and quiet). He looks very happy though and I’m very proud of him for holding on to life so tightly! I haven’t mention before that he’s almost completely blind as well so it’s wonderful to see that for once he caught a break 🙂

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and financial support, we’ll do our best to help him heal his many wounds, we also agreed that we’ll sponsor his sterilization, antibiotic treatment and anti-worm/anti-flea/anti-mite medication later on in the process. ”

It is lovely for us to see other people who care for animals and translate that care into actions… thank you for helping this animal, without YOU and without US, he would have no hope.

Please DONATE HERE to help us help more animals in need!

The Egg Test

What do you know about the chicken and the egg??

Take the test!


Last Municipality Update for a bit!

The last 3 dogs neutered by the Municipality were released shortly before Easter and seemed very happy to be free again in time for the festivities and lamb being thrown away!

They have since been seen running around Malia but I’m afraid, one is the most photogenic and stole the show 🙂

We would like to see this project continued with more neutering after the summer season… and we would like to thank the Malia Municipality for their cooperation!

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Bazaars are over but bargains continue!

In total our winter bazaars raised 5500EUR towards the work CAWG carries out in order to achieve its Vision and Mission!

A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS that made this possible!

Bazaars won’t start until next winter again but fear not, for our info centre still holds summer clothes, books and more!

Visit us in Agios Dimitrios Square, Malia Old Village, Wed. & Sat. 18.00-21.00 (May-October)

Farewell with some photos of the ”Thank You BBQ”…

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1 on 1 with Hip Hop!

Exclusive Interview and Video Footage!!!

”I am sooo happy that they took away the little stump I had because it was truly throwing me off balance. Now, I don’t feel like a handicap anymore, I can run and play and enjoy life more! I am very intelligent, maybe too intelligent for these people…  I don’t understand why they say I have to use the WC outside?! Haven’t these people heard of pollution and global warming?!?!”