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Handle With Care

No, we don’t mean your parcels being sent overseas… We are talking about the long distance transport of animals to their destinations for slaughter.

You may not see them very often but every day, approximately 1 million animals are transported, this is according to the livestock industry data. That means 365 million per year…

How many dogs and cats do you think suffer everyday? Is their suffering worse because you can see it? Do they deserve more help because they are categorised as ‘companion animals’?

Please don’t let these farm animals be ‘out of sight, out of mind’, please take action now!

Humane Chain

Handle With Care



Enjoy the Donkey Movie!!!

You read the news and saw the photos…

Now it’s time for you to see the Movie!!!

Blanche in her puuur-fect foster home!

We would love to share these lovely videos of Blanche/Deafy/Frosty with you as well as the news that she is doing well… after having terrorized her fellow cats, they are now like Siamese  triplets!

However, when visited by a potential adopter, she was on her worst behaviour… I think she wants to stay where she is, don’t you?!

Doesn’t she just make you want to go into foster care too?!

April Equine Outreach, Part 3/3

29 April 2010
Lassithi Plateau Psihro-Magoulas-Avrakonta

We are always looking forward to this day on the Plateau. Here the people know us and our project longer and everyone knows each other.

We always start at the caves of Zeus where traditionally we start with coffee. Today Julie will join our team for the first time as Gayner needs to work. Julie lives for years on Crete and is very interested in our equine project. This is very nice and she knows how to transfer her enthusiasm to the people on the Plateau.
As we weren’t sure if the project would be able to go through due to the volcano on Iceland, we didn’t spread any posters this time beforehand. So we had to work with the phone numbers we had.  The people at the caves were informed the day before so a lot of them were waiting for us. The owners are asking us all sorts of information and clearly enjoy our visit.

On to the next village where we treated the last time 5 donkeys. This time 3 appear, the others are working in the fields. The same happens in the last village of the day and one donkey is sold. Then we come to a donkey that we missed in October, so it is one year ago that we treated it. We have a pleasant conversation with the owner. He shows us a postcard of about 30 years ago with him on a donkey, a card that went all over the world.  The lady of the house can’t resist saying that he was then looking a lot handsomer and younger.

A woman which was present during this conversation has a donkey as well but she is too tired to walk over there. So we take her in the car on the front passenger seat and the four of us squeeze on the back seat on our way to the donkey.
It is a donkey that we have never seen before. It is a sad old donkey, cold and sweaty. We fear that we won’t see her again in October…She is taken out of her stable and treated. In front of her stable grows a lot of green and she quickly starts to eat. The poor donkey is starving. We say that it is better to let her graze.
In the meanwhile the husband of the women has arrived and explains that the donkey escapes and then runs away, something he obviously doesn’t like. We pick some grass for the donkey and tell the man that he can do this himself, as the straw the donkey gets now is too hard for her to grind as she hardly has any teeth left. If he does not do that then the donkey will die, well, the man said, then she dies. His wife tells us that she will take care of the donkey. Let’s hope that she has the power to do so.

Our last donkey of the day, how sad….
Thankfully the advertisement for our visit the follow day in the next village cheers us up. What a warm welcome; hoppa, hoppa…We don’t have to end our day bad. This project is a project with a smile and a tear.

30 april 2010
Lassithi Plateau Agios Georgios-Psihro-Koudamalia-Lasinthos

The day started pleasantly with  warm sunshine. We arrived at the home of the donkey with the goat. The owner had another two little goats, which were not allowed to run away so they were shut in the oven. Something they were obviously used to as they got in easily.

Afterwards we went to a donkey with skin problems (old winter coat and from the saddle rubbing). The owner said that she always rubs herself at a tree. I got a brush and started brushing her. After that I wanted to give the brush to the owner but he said that he wouldn’t do what I just did. She can rub herself from a tree was his answer…so brush was taken back…

The next owner told us that the donkey with the head collar grown into the skin had died in the winter. She was found dead in her stable. Sad as we would have loved to see what had become of her. That’s life…

To the next donkey, a molar needed to be removed, which was all askew. The owner wanted to give his donkey to us as a present as he didn’t need him anymore, he has a bicycle now…

On our way to lunch we ran into another donkey, one we had never treated…so our lunch had to wait! The donkey was packed to leave, so if we wouldn’t treat it straight away it would be gone. There was another person present, of whom we had treated the donkey three times already, so as soon as the owner agreed to let us treat his donkey we started straight away. While helping the donkey his wife came…screaming from her house. She obviously didn’t agree with it. She was scared the hooves would start slipping and that the donkey wouldn’t be able to eat anymore…which of course wouldn’t happen. The hooves looked bad and were treated but not too much at once as this might cause problems, so the rest will be done in October.  Also the molars could use a good treatment, so work for Olav too.

The owner was satisfied and we continued our way to our lunch, which we gladly delayed for this donkey.
After the lunch we treated another couple of donkeys and then tired, but satisfied in the direction of Malia…Tomorrow already our last (half) day of our outreach….

1 May 2010

Our last day brought us to Nikos of Amarillis stables in Stalis. He has two new donkeys, one was not in a very good condition, with swollen eyes and severe abrasion. We do know that Nikos takes good care of them, so we started on their hooves and teeth.

Afterwards we went to our last two donkeys in Mohos. Also there they know us, so we went  there with the four of us and I had to depend on my best Greek. Both donkeys weren’t on their usual place, so best to go to the square of Mohos and ask the owner of the restaurant where we had a coffee before if he could call them. They were home so we went first to Kiri Yorgos, he join us in the car as his donkey was close to Kiria Georgina. We had to shout as she is little deaf. She was happy to see us, so we could start our job. Also Kiri Yorgos returned and both donkeys were seen to. We got raki and peanuts (if we had accepted them every time during our project, we couldn’t have done much work!).

We said cheers to a good summer
and see you again in October.

And this is how our 3rd project came to an end,

The preparation was less, as we arrived late on Crete, worried whether all flights would be carried out and the team would be in time on Crete. Therefore we couldn’t hang posters on Lassithi and some people were not aware of our visit. Because of this we couldn’t see to 12 donkeys as they were in the fields.

Nevertheless we treated 76 animals:
56 donkeys
14 horses
1 pony
4 goats
1 bird

And we are proud of that…thanks to your support…we are able to do this….

Special thanks goes to:

Hans Signer – Farrier
Olav Fränzel – Equine dentist

Tsapakis Apartments for the free overnight in Lendas

Kristalli Apartments

Julie – volunteer

And of course all the others which donate, buy from our webshop ia, buy books at or which support us in any other kind of way.
Help us to continue this project… we will be back in October 2010…will you keep supporting us?

A kind boy…

CAWG would like to officially say a big THANK YOU to Elliot Genge for donating all his coins he had collected for so long so we can help animals!

This kind and generous gesture means so much more than the 20EUR raised, because it is an excellent example of selflessness and altruism. Thank you once again from all of us, people and animals!

The Khronicles

The Khronicles received CAWG’s Appreciation Certificate for their continued assistance in improving the welfare for animals on Crete and beyond.

“Today in Greece there is a big change in attitudes towards animals. People walk their dogs on leads, take their animals to a vet and think about the welfare of farm animals.

This has been brought about by the continued work of various animal welfare organisations but without the media coverage it could not happen on such a large scale.

Papers like The Khronicles focus attention on relevant issues, report current events and show the important work being done to help animals throughout Crete and beyond.”