Momo finds a home!

Little Momo has recovered from her traffic accident injury and has now found a home with a family who already has a rescue dog!

We wish her all the best in her new ventures and hope many more dogs have similar happy endings!


Paw Print 2010… better late than never!

We are very sorry for the delay of the

Spring-Summer Edition and wish you all a happy read!!!

Compassion should be extended to all living beings!

The Cretan Animal Welfare Group took part in a demonstration lead by the Hania Animal Protection Society, protesting against any form of animal abuse on the 19th of June 2010.

Percussionists, representation of barrel dogs living conditions, sounds of animals used in experiments and NGOs from across the island preparing banners… these were just a few of the things creating the atmosphere during the run up to the demonstration walk on Saturday afternoon in Chania Market Square.

The media took great interest in the event and were present to take statements from the organizing committee which would be aired on Kydon, Creta Channel and Kriti TV!

With the temperatures soaring to a staggering 30+ degrees Celsius, passionate advocates of animal welfare marched through town with police escort, chanting, holding banners and distributing leaflets! Onlookers congratulated us, some looked puzzled but none remained indifferent.

‘Science has proven that animals are sentient beings. Humans, as animals with the ability of logic, have a moral obligation to respect, protect and not abuse other animals.’

Thank you to everyone who helped organize and participated in the event!

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Greece – Animal welfare under fire

According to Europgroup for Animals, Greek central authorities have been criticised by the FVO for failing take sufficient action to ensure the welfare of animals in its import/transit control system and border inspection posts. For example, the authorities were unaware of legislative requirements for the entry of birds and pet animals.

Most remarkably, inspectors’ findings cast serious doubt over the ability of the Greek authorities to ‘ensure satisfactory and uniform implementation of animal welfare requirements’.
FVO concludes that the lack of guidance from the central level is at the heart of the faulty control system and instructs Greece to further develop manuals and instructions for checks on live animals and accompanied pets.

Looking for a family…

This lovely dog who is afraid of donkeys 😉

Please contact us for more information!

An injured cat?

No, of course not…

… just one of our Cretan Malia Park Cat Cafe residents enjoying the sunshine! What could be a better advert for us and the hotel?!

October will be busy!!!

When you think of October, most people consider the end of the tourist season, the long relaxing winter and the children in school…

Of course, we don’t!!!

October is looking like it will be our busiest month ever! Here are just some of the things that will be going on:

World Animal Day!

Equine Outreach visit

Kindness Clubs start!

RSPCA visit for training the Heraklion Municipality shelter staff

Catch Neuter Release of stray dogs for the Malia Municipality

Population Survey for the Subsidised Neutering Project

Think you may be able to help us in October?!

Please send us an email with your activity preferences and we will do our best to use you!!! 😉