Do you like Billy?

How could you not? But if you REALLY like Billy and would like to offer him a home, here are a few words from his foster mum and our email contact:

Billy is now growing fast, but will not be very big when fully grown.  He is very lively and loves to run and play just like any puppy.   He is very intelligent and has learned to sit and wait for his food, provided you hold your hand up until you want him to eat.   Then, when you drop your hand and say OK he rushes to his food and it is gone quite soon after! He is still on junior type food (fed twice a day, soaked in water) which is in small pieces and easy for him to digest.    He is usually good on the leash but needs more training as he likes to run around in all directions exploring everything that’s going on around him! He is now about 4 months old and will shortly be taken for his second injections including one for rabies.


Today should have been the day…

that I was going to run the Lassithi run in aid of the Cretan animals….

But it didn’t happen! 24 kilometres is 24000 metres! Which is a long way by foot! Believe me, as I started training for it a while back, but still didn’t manage to get fit in time… 😦

Inspired by Marcel’s run last year on Lassithi (Bravo Marcel!!), myself and Diana (of Cretan Donkey Care Crete) thought it would be a nice idea to do the same this year…We both toured Lassithi many times by car and it doesn’t take that long! So how hard could it be???

We had a year to prepare, but now being used to the Cretan lifestyle I personally started to train too late. Diana on the other hand had a valid excuse to start her training even later as she needed an operation…the things people do to get out of it, can you believe it?? 😉

Anyway at the beginning of August I had to admit to myself and the few people that knew about this idea that health wise it wouldn’t be clever to go for it… It wasn’t easy to do this and I felt like letting the animals down but on the other hand if I would do the run and get a serious injury I wouldn’t be able to help with caring for CAWG’s  donkeys currently resident in Malia, fundraising and awareness activities or any other year round jobs for CAWG, and in that way maybe letting them even more down. I know this is just a way of thinking to make me feel better but there is a truth in there! 🙂

Anyway, the plan isn’t out of the window tough!  The training will be continued from now on so that I will be panetimie (Greek for very ready!) next year. Diana will do the same she said! Any runners holidaying on Crete next August and interesting in running with us, please do contact us about making it a joined force!

And for Lassithi run 2011….

Here we come!!!

Update on sweet Tilly :-)

A few words from Tilly’s foster home, the person who gave her a chance to use her (at that time) paralysed back legs, the person who is responsible for Tilly being given a 2nd chance because without a foster home, there is no 2nd chances…

Tilly has now made a full recovery from her injuries and runs and plays around like any other active dog.   She is very friendly and has a quiet nature, behaves well on the leash and enjoys a walk.   She has not been used to long walks so will be happy with just short walks. She is fed twice a day and likes to sample her food just a little before going for her walk and eats her meal on her return.  She is a slow eater so do not be surprised if there is still food left after a while.   She prefers the dry food for small dogs soaked in a little water to soften it (As you can tell, I’m not spoiling her at all!).   The large breed dog food she does not like and refuses to eat.

Tilly is looking for her permanent home to help her find  a loving family and to enable the foster home to help another animal 🙂

Are you interested? Contact us via email:

A Wolf pup

When you look at this photo you see a cute, happy and handsome pup! when we look, we see Wolf… He was thrown over a high wall and into the garden of one of CAWG’s volunteers… of course, this didn’t cause his injury but would most definitely have made it worse.

His pelvis was broken and whereas sometimes, our animals have recovered from such injuries, poor little Wolf was given a couple of months time but no improvement came…

We are very sad to report that this little chap, this smart, loving and cute boy, eventually ran out of chances… and we had to have him humanely euthanised, a heavy burden for any volunteer to carry, especially after having being fostered for a long period of time and hope always building…

Thank you very much to everyone who gives a bit of their heart each time to CAWG and the animals cared for or prevented from suffering.

Praktiker is here and CAWG is there!

In Athens Praktiker has donation boxes for the Greek Animal Welfare Fund… in Heraklion?

For the Cretan Animal Welfare Group!!!

A big Thank You to Praktiker for their support and help in our work achieving a better future for the animals on Crete and beyond!

Concert in Malia! Συναυλία στα Μάλια!

Join Korina Legaki, Armos band and Dmitris Maramis for a concert under the August full moon!

Organised by the Malia Municipality and with CAWG attending to inform guests about our work and especially the Subsidised Neutering Project!

Tuesday 24th of August, approx. 21.00 at the Malia Archaeological site!

see you there!

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Συναντήστε μας στον αρχαιολογικό χώρο Μαλίων, συντροφιά με την Κορίνα Λεγάκη, το Συγκρότημα Αρμός και τον Δημήτρη Μάραμη για να απολαύσουμε μια συναυλία κάτω από την αυγουστιάτικη πανσέληνο!

Διοργάνωση του Δήμου Μαλίων και με την συμμετοχή της Φιλοζωικής Κρήτης για την ενημέρωση του κοινού για το έργο μας και το πρόγραμμα Χρηματοδοτούμενων Στειρώσεων!

Τρίτη 24 Αυγούστου 2010, περίπου 21.00, να είστε στον αρχαιολογικό χώρο Μαλίων!

Τα λέμε εκεί!

Informing people…

While most CAWG volunteers are working hard in the tourism sector or on holiday themselves at this time of the year, some are still enjoying spreading the news about our work and creating awareness of animal welfare in Crete!

Here is a dedicated volunteer, on a hot day, trying to promote CAWG’s work to visitors and ideas of Responsible Pet Ownership to locals!

Thank you to all our volunteers for all their hard efforts, day in, day out…