A poem from a supporter…


CAWG looks after us very well.
We are warm and safe and well fed.
But we do sit and chat in the evening,
How we would like our own home and bed.

Many of us get adopted
So when people come to view
We are on our best behaviour
They may point and say we want you.

We sometimes get email or a letter.
Sometimes a photo or two.
They tell us how they enjoy their new lives,
And ask ‘How are things with you’.

Lambros has gone to Holland.
He flew off yesterday.
He can’t speak a word of the language.
Still, he never said much anyway.

We have heard from Balou now in England.
They sent him to dog training school.
He passed with flying colours.
He always seemed such a fool.

Poppy also went to England.
She would only eat food that was tinned.
We still have a chuckle together.
It gave her such terrible wind.

Everyone loved little Andy.
She was a dog you could only adore.
She was never up for adoption.
She was old and boy could he snore.

Sacha went to Germany.
Her owners say she’s so good.
However are they really aware,
How she loves to roll in the mud.

Trent has just gone to Holland
He can count and sit up and beg.
Its good the Dutch are broadminded.
He likes to make love to your leg.

I’m told I’ve just been adopted.
I have a new Mum and Dad.
For me I’m highly delighted.
For the friends left behind I’m sad.

Hip Hop News!

Remember this little girl…?

Yes, the one with 3 legs?

She is doing great with her new family!

Another success story of a little soul saved… while there are hundreds of cases like Hip Hop, animals in need of help and care, we realise that they will never end unless work is done to fight the root causes of the problem…

this is why most of our resources are focused on preventative methods such as neutering, public awareness and humane education. However, we could also not have left little Hip Hop on the road so, we are still in need of foster homes to help us help animals in need!

Paw Print Winter 2010!!!

Η Χειμερινή Έκδοση της Εφημερίδας μας!!!

Click on the Photos below to view or download the PDF documents!

Bazaars coming soon!!!

First one will be November 14th!

Τα παζάρια θα ξεκινήσουν πάλι σύντομα!!!

Κυριακή, 14 Νοεμβρίου το πρώτο, μην το χάσετε!

Cretan Malia Park Hotel…

Thank you for

… inviting us to fundraise another year at your hotel…

… caring for the Cat Cafe residents…

… being so green in so many different ways…

… always helping us in so many ways…

… allowing us to inform people about our work…

Thank you for the great cooperation and Kalo Xeimona!

World Tourism Day!

With almost a month delay on reporting to you…

Malia was celebrating World Tourism Day on the 27th of September!!!

Which means: typical Greek food & drinks for free, live Cretan music & dancers and lots of people to celebrate!

So CAWG was there too 😉

We informed the people about our various projects, asked them to sign our Low cost neutering for stray cats & Animals matter to me petitions, “sold” quite some of the generously donated special hand painted stones and therefore raised some extra money at the same time 🙂


Charity Dinner with a big surprise!

Δείπνο με μεγάλη έκπληξη!

Some dedicated volunteers of the group took this special evening as an opportunity to award CAWG’s first honorary member:


Mrs. Gayner Vlastou

For almost 15 years she is the great power and motivation behind CAWG’s work and without her, CAWG would have never have come this far.

Thanks to her care & dedication thousands of animals have been helped!

Therefore she was awarded with a unique golden pin…

Gayner, we would like to thank you very, very, very much for all the hard work you have done over the past years! You honestly deserve to retire, but unfortunately there is still animal welfare work to do on Crete and beyond, so keep up the good work 😉