First bazaar great success!

Sunday 14th of November we held our first bazaar of this winter season!

Although the day before it looked like we were going to be washed away by the heavy rainfall and emergency scenarios were discussed, the gods of the weather were on our side and wished us well….

The sun came through when we opened the doors for the many, many people who gathered to grab the best bargains!

Thanks to all the buyers, all the people & companies that donated goods and all the hard working volunteers who prepared, set up, unpacked, sold, created a great & positive atmosphere, packed up and stored the goods again, who gave one of their Sunday mornings of the month to help the animals, this first bazaar was a great success!!!

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Next bazaar: Sunday 12 December 2010

Same time ~ same place!!!


Donkey news….enjoying the sunshine!

Unlike in the rest of Europe, on Crete the weather is still very nice…(sorry)

In the daytime temperatures of 20 C’ are easily reached and the sky is almost constantly blue, blue, blue!

Our “Flowers” are taking advantage of this! Because is there anything better than the feeling of the sunshine on your old bones and joints??? Exactly, we didn’t think so either!

For the rest, they only expect some hay twice a day….and life is gooooood!

An impression of how good…

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Facebook News!!!

A new mile stone has been reached…

over 1700 people like us!!!!

We like that

We want to thank everybody for their support & interest shown so far and hope you stay tuned and keep offering us your feedback!


Ευχαριστούμε όλους όσους συνεισφέρουν στο έργο μας και μας υποστηρίζουν καθημερινά!

Zeus is still missing…

Ο Δίας έχει λευκά σημάδια ένα μικρούλη στο μέτωπο , ένα στη μύτη του και στα πόδια του κοντά στα δάχτυλα. Είναι φιλικός με τα ζωάκια , αλλά δύσκολα αφήνει να τον πλησιάσουν άνθρωποι.

Φοράει microchip με αριθμό 941000002488523.
O Δίας είναι πολύ δεμένος μαζί μου , ανησυχώ για την τύχή του εκεί έξω….

Pig Business…

…The Film that Exposes the True Cost of Cheap Meat!

As a critique of the industrial farming model, this film serves as a powerful tool to promote your animal welfare campaigns.

Supported by: Compassion in World Farming, Eurogroup for Animals, European Coordination Via Campesina, Food and Water Watch Europe, Friends of the Earth, IFOAM, Corporate Europe Observatory, the Soil Association and WSPA.

‘Pig Business – Time for Change’, Event at EU Parliament, Brussels Spring 2011

Join the above not-for-profit groups to alert your members to view the film and write to their MEP to attend our‘Pig Business – Time for Change’ Event to suggest the legislative changes that you are campaigning for.

Sponsored by Jose Bove MEP, Dan Jorgensen MEP and Janusz Wojciechowski MEP and co-hosted by Robert F Kennedy (virtually)


The film, Pig Business, is the journey of mother and eco-campaigner Tracy Worcester who set out to discover who was paying the true price for the cheap imported pork for sale in supermarkets.

The documentary charts the rise of factory farms in the USA and the spread of their intensive farming model into Europe. The film focuses on the world’s largest pork producer, US-based Smithfield Foods. With 52,000 employees processing 27 million pigs per year in 15 countries, accruing annual sales around $11 billion in 2010, it is the most formidable influence in the pork industry.

Focusing on factory farms in Poland and the US, Pig Business reveals how we should avoid buying meat from a system which damages human health, pollutes the environment, depletes water sources, contributes to green house gas emissions including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, denudes South American forest, abuses animals and destroys rural communities and economies. Here are a few facts to consider:

• Growing pigs are crammed into small pens with slatted floors without access to straw bedding, natural light, or fresh air.

• To prevent tail biting which results from the stress of overcrowding and lack of straw, the pigs’ tails are docked.

• Pigs have a limited tolerance to high temperatures and heat stress can lead to death. In an industrial operation, pigs lack access to wallows (mud) which act as a natural cooling mechanism.

• Sows spend 80% of their lives kept in cages so small that they can’t even turn around.

• To keep the pigs alive in such unnatural conditions, they are subjected to frequent and painful injections of antibiotics and other medication.

Online Resources

Act as a citizen: contact food policymakers
Act as a consumer: buy local and sustainable
Screening toolkit and other resources: click here.

Contact Us

If you would like a DVD or want to find out more information about how to embed Pig Business into consumer education campaigns and how the film is lobbying for policy reform, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

For more information about the film visit or email a member of the team at

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Υπογράψτε και Προωθήστε! Sign and Forward!

Πατήστε ΕΔΩ για να ανοίξτε την σελίδα και ζητήστε να τιμωρηθεί ο δράστης που έβγαλε τα μάτια του σκύλου του!

Click HERE to open the petition page (GB & GR) and request that the owner who extracted his dog’s eyes is punished!