Message from our donkeys…and Larry agrees of course! Μήνυμα από τα γαϊδουράκια μας και τον Λάρυ για Χαρούμενο 2012! :-)


The end of battery farms… Τέλος στα αυγά κλωβοστοιχείας;

A long-awaited ban will come into force on Sunday. But shoppers will still face an ethical choice when buying eggs…

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Η πολυαναμενόμενη απαγόρευση θα τεθεί σε ισχύ την Κυριακή. Όμως, οι καταναλωτές θα εξακολουθούν να αντιμετωπίζουν μια ηθική επιλογή όταν αγοράζουν αυγά …

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Marco pin-free! Ο Μάρκο έβγαλε την λάμα και ψάχνει οικογένεια!

Remember me???

It’s Marco, the dog who had the metal construction on his leg! Well that has been taken off and while doing that they took some other weights away as well…they call that neutering and they say that is the way forward…

Not having a problem with that and I can move myself forward much better so guess it is working 🙂

I am still not using my leg all the time 100% but not really sure why…as when I am looking for some extra food my leg is does just fine!!! 

I am not in pain and probably just used to only using my three legs so it is weird for me to have all four of them working!

But I am very happy that I can use them all now as I love to play with the younger dogs and to balance you sometimes need all legs! Or just when you are trying to look inside the kitchen 😉

By the way I am still looking for a home so when you hear of somebody that is looking for a sweet male dog please contact They can provide you with more info, pictures and if you want we can meet each other to see if we have a click! 

Feliz is looking for a (foster)home! Η Φελίζ ψάχνει (ανάδοχη) οικογένεια!

As her foster parents moved away from Crete for a while, Feliz is looking for a new fosterhome….

But it would even be better if she could find her forever home! 

Who wants to help this beautiful girl that fought so hard to get better?

To remind you…

Today is the 1 year anniversary since we first reported to you about Feliz…

She is a wonderful dog! Nothing the matter with her anymore! Her foster parents were devastated to have to part with her…so there must be somebody out there that wants to give her the love and care she so deserves!!!

For more information on Feliz or if you want to arrange to meet her please contact

Χρόνια Πολλά και Καλά!

Good News (Part 3) Καλά Νέα (Μέρος 3ο)


Not since 2008! Thanks to the efforts of CAWG and our volunteers and with the support of GAWF and ADI, we sent the last couple of circuses on Crete packing with low attendance and high fines!

There is however still one final step which needs to be achieved: the national legislation banning circuses with animals in Greece! Coming soon…!

Τσίρκο στην πόλη;!

Όχι από το 2008! Χάρη στις προσπάθειες της Φιλοζωικής Κρήτης και των εθελοντών μας και με την υποστήριξη της GAWF και της ADI, στείλαμε τα τελευταία δύο τσίρκο που επισκέφθηκαν την Κρήτη στο καλό με

χαμηλές συμμετοχές και υψηλά πρόστιμα!
Υπάρχει όμως ακόμα ένα τελικό βήμα, το οποίο πρέπει να επιτευχθεί: η εθνική νομοθεσία για την απαγόρευση τσίρκων με ζώα στην Ελλάδα!

Σύντομα κοντά σας …!

Good News (Part 2) Καλά Νέα (Μέρος 2ο)