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    1. Notify http://www.himaira.gr/

    2. Notify http://www.hva.gr/index.php?topic=lost

    3. Advertise in pet shops, veterinary surgeries and newspapers.

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    1. Check http://www.hva.gr/index.php?topic=lost

    2. Notify http://www.himaira.gr/

    3. Advertise in pet shops, veterinary surgeries and newspapers.

    4. Contact your local municipality (strays / unwanted dogs are their responsibility since the issue of Law 3170/03 voted in Summer 2003)

    5. Should your municipality fail to take action, please make a written statement at your nearest police department.
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Mavroula, RIP…

A few words from Mavroula’s foster home:
“Today, sadly we decided, after the opinions of 4 vets that the kindest thing for Mavroulla was euthanasia. This is not a decision taken lightly. We have spent the last 6 weeks caring for her, treating her and hoping for improvement.
Unfortunately the injuries which, at the beginning we believed treatable proved more severe and as she was not recovering as well as expected we took her for another opinion. As we know this vet never gives up hope until there is no hope left, we had to respect his opinion today.
We considered the possibility of her travelling to another country to be cared for, but not healed for the rest of her life.
As she was incontinent, she required constant cleaning, her walking was a strange lurching, ending in collapse and her rear end was emaciated. Having cared for her for 6 weeks it was an extremely difficult decision to make but we feel that this was the only humane alternative for Mavroulla.
For those of you who do not agree with us I would ask you to consider if it was yourself, lying seriously injured, unable to control your bodily functions and relying on someone to empty your bladder, wash you constantly trying to keep you free of wounds, for the rest of your abnormal life, what would you choose?” If you have any questions, please contact CAWG via info@CretanAnimalWelfare.org

Yucca’s last update….

It was only just over a month ago that these lovely pictures were made of Yucca being out again with her donkey friends Hebe and Daphne and of course Larry!

It seemed that we managed to pull her through as she was staying out of the stable day & night again. We didn’t need to hoist her up anymore. Even when she had a lie down she could get up, sometimes with a little manual help, but she managed!

Until that day…again…a few weeks ago that she could not get up by herself and we had to help her get into the stable to hoist her up.

From that moment she was bound to the stable again, being hoisted up every morning. She still enjoyed her food and all the love and attention she got, but we could see that she didn’t improve anymore like she did before…

So therefore, we took the very hard decision – as none of us wanted to part with this beautiful soul yet – to humanely euthanise her….

But not before she had a last stroll with her friends around the garden, eating anything in there she wanted and getting her last always much appreciated brush…

Yucca, you will be missed & never be forgotten!!! Enjoy yourself in donkey heaven!!!

Working on quarantine! Φτιάχνοντας την καραντίνα!

The Heraklion Municipal Shelter is in desperate need of a quarantine area! Dedicated CAWG volunteers started work recently in order to close an opening between the wall and ceiling and soon will start work on the floor!

All the work is voluntary but we need funds for the materials and the transport – if you can help us build a better future for the strays of Heraklion area, please donate via Paypal or through our bank!

Το Κυνοκομείο Δήμου Ηρακλείου χρειάζεται οπωσδήποτε χώρο καραντίνας!

Εθελοντές της Φιλοζωικής Κρήτης ξεκίνησαν δουλειά έτσι ώστε να κλείσουν το άνοιγμα μεταξύ τοίχου και σκεπής και σύντομα θα ξεκινήσει η αλλαγή πατώματος! Η εργασία γίνεται από εθελοντές αλλά χρειαζόμαστε πόρους για τα υλικά και την μεταφορά – αν μπορείτε να μας βοηθήστε να χτίσουμε ένα καλύτερο αύριο για τα αδέσποτα του Ηρακλείου, παρα καλώ κάντε δωρεά μέσω Paypal ή με κατάθεση σε τράπεζα!