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  • Lost a Dog?

    1. Notify http://www.himaira.gr/

    2. Notify http://www.hva.gr/index.php?topic=lost

    3. Advertise in pet shops, veterinary surgeries and newspapers.

    4. Notify your surrounding municipalities.
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    1. Check http://www.hva.gr/index.php?topic=lost

    2. Notify http://www.himaira.gr/

    3. Advertise in pet shops, veterinary surgeries and newspapers.

    4. Contact your local municipality (strays / unwanted dogs are their responsibility since the issue of Law 3170/03 voted in Summer 2003)

    5. Should your municipality fail to take action, please make a written statement at your nearest police department.
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Send us your article!!!

Paw Print Spring/summer 2011 is in the making!!!

Interested in companion animals, in the illegal pet trade, wildlife behaviour, vegetarianism, animal rights or another issue?! Then write about it!

If you too have an article, poem, drawing or anything else you would like to share with our readers, please send to info@CretanAnimalWelfare.org with the indication PAW-PRINT in the subject box!

Any articles not used now, may be used in future publications, so grab a pen!!! (or keyboard…)

Thank you all for your continuous support!


A poem from a supporter…

Our keepers say we’re beautiful,
we should be happy as can be.

The thing I really want to know

is, when will we be set free.

The food is small but edible.

We would like to run and play.

Our cage is just too small you see.

But still, one day, one day.

They say our fur is beautiful

and will fetch a handsome fee.

So why so harsh and cruel to us.

Please let us soon be free.

We are taken from our cages.

What can the reason be.

Perhaps now we are to have a life,

we are going to be set free.

Our death was slow and drawn out.

We died in agony.

Not one happy day on earth.

But at last our souls are free.

We are peeping over the rainbow,

to see why we had to die.

Why did they take off all our fur.

What was the reason why?

Now we see the reason.

Explain to us we pray.

Did we have to die in agony

for women as ugly as they.

Today should have been the day…

that I was going to run the Lassithi run in aid of the Cretan animals….

But it didn’t happen! 24 kilometres is 24000 metres! Which is a long way by foot! Believe me, as I started training for it a while back, but still didn’t manage to get fit in time… 😦

Inspired by Marcel’s run last year on Lassithi (Bravo Marcel!!), myself and Diana (of Cretan Donkey Care Crete) thought it would be a nice idea to do the same this year…We both toured Lassithi many times by car and it doesn’t take that long! So how hard could it be???

We had a year to prepare, but now being used to the Cretan lifestyle I personally started to train too late. Diana on the other hand had a valid excuse to start her training even later as she needed an operation…the things people do to get out of it, can you believe it?? 😉

Anyway at the beginning of August I had to admit to myself and the few people that knew about this idea that health wise it wouldn’t be clever to go for it… It wasn’t easy to do this and I felt like letting the animals down but on the other hand if I would do the run and get a serious injury I wouldn’t be able to help with caring for CAWG’s  donkeys currently resident in Malia, fundraising and awareness activities or any other year round jobs for CAWG, and in that way maybe letting them even more down. I know this is just a way of thinking to make me feel better but there is a truth in there! 🙂

Anyway, the plan isn’t out of the window tough!  The training will be continued from now on so that I will be panetimie (Greek for very ready!) next year. Diana will do the same she said! Any runners holidaying on Crete next August and interesting in running with us, please do contact us about making it a joined force!

And for Lassithi run 2011….

Here we come!!!

A kind boy…

CAWG would like to officially say a big THANK YOU to Elliot Genge for donating all his coins he had collected for so long so we can help animals!

This kind and generous gesture means so much more than the 20EUR raised, because it is an excellent example of selflessness and altruism. Thank you once again from all of us, people and animals!

He’s running again and has Athens in sight – you could as well….

Donate & Win a City Break to Athens

Marcel van der Molen has given himself the challenge this year of improving his best marathon time by 15 minutes – that’s one minute faster for every year of CAWG’s existence. So he must finish within 3hrs 30 min. He w…ill try to accomplish this first at the Enschede Marathon on 25th April and then at the 2,500 anniversary year of the marathon run at the Athens Classic Marathon on 31 October. Can he and the animals count on your support? For only €10 donation to CAWG you will have a chance to win a fantastic 4-night city break in Athens, including flights and hotel accommodation. For every €10 you will have an entry in the draw, so if you want to increase your chances, simply donate any multiple of €10.
Support Marcel and you could find yourself enjoying a great break in Athens. And you are supporting CAWG in working towards a better future for animals on Crete and beyond.

Just Donate it and visit www.CretanAnimalWelfare.org/win

Lassithi Run for Donkeys!

Marcel is back and running to raise awareness for CAWG…

Lassithi Run Marcel (1)

This time, informing locals about the Equine Outreach team’s visit dates in October…

Lassithi Run Marcel (3)

And he is injured…

Lassithi Run Marcel (5)

But gets a reward: A massage from a CAWG volunteer!

Lassithi Run Marcel (7)

Thank you and well done for beating last year’s time!

Lassithi Run Marcel (2)

Gayner Rehomed!

As many of you know, the Organisational Development work has set certain priorities for CAWG’s projects. One of these was moving from a shelter based society to working, small scale, with foster homes.

This has meant that Gayner can have back her home to enjoy with her husband and her own animals!

As a surprise, her family and a couple of volunteers (THANK YOU!!!) cleared out the animal food, dog beds, 2nd hand goods for the bazaars etc, cleaned, painted and bought some new furniture for the house… while Gayner was away on holiday for a week!

Here is the short video that shows the heartfelt gratitude when Gayner returned from work… please watch to the end…