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  • Lost a Dog?

    1. Notify http://www.himaira.gr/

    2. Notify http://www.hva.gr/index.php?topic=lost

    3. Advertise in pet shops, veterinary surgeries and newspapers.

    4. Notify your surrounding municipalities.
  • Found A Dog?

    1. Check http://www.hva.gr/index.php?topic=lost

    2. Notify http://www.himaira.gr/

    3. Advertise in pet shops, veterinary surgeries and newspapers.

    4. Contact your local municipality (strays / unwanted dogs are their responsibility since the issue of Law 3170/03 voted in Summer 2003)

    5. Should your municipality fail to take action, please make a written statement at your nearest police department.
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CAWG’s Campaigns & Humane Education Dpt and was created in 2006.

Our aims are:

* to promote respect to humans, animals and the environment

* to achieve higher animal welfare standards

Humane Education


Because we believe that setting firm foundations for a humane future means teaching youth about respect and empathy towards all living beings and the environment


Over 2000 children reached through school presentations

Activity leaflets created & printed for ages 5-8 and 9-12


Training offered to volunteers of other societies

Presentations given in schools and youth clubs

Creation of Kindness Clubs Pilot Project

Anti Circus Campaign (in cooperation with GAWF and ADI)


Because wild animals should stay in the wild and not in cages while being abused in order to perform.

Local bans were achieved on the island of Crete

The last circus to visit our area left early and was fined 8000 EUR


Ongoing lobbying for national legislation



Good Egg Awards (in cooperation with CIWF)


Because egg laying hens are sentient beings and should be allowed to perform their natural behaviour, not kept in barren cages with less floor space than an A4 paper.


Public awareness so people buy free range eggs

Campaigning for retailers and other companies to buy/sell only ethical cage free eggs

Lobbying MEPs to uphold the 2012 EU ban on battery cages



Exotic Animals as Pets (in cooperation with GAWF)


These creatures are all too often, taken from the wild or captively bread, transported inhumanely and if they survive the stay at the pet shop, given to homes which even with the best of intentions cannot offer them what is needed.


Survey of pet shops in Crete

Distribution of GAWF leaflets


International Campaigns supported by Chrysalis:

Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare www.animalsmatter.org

Handle With Care www.handlewithcare.tv/uk


11 Responses

  1. Hello and thank you for the offer of help! email with information coming your way!

  2. Hi – Would it be possible to send me your volunteer programme, as i am looking to spend a few months or maybe longer working with animals and doing sdomething worthwhile.

    Thanks Ange

  3. Hello!
    Please send us an email with your CV attached and what kind of animal protection activities you are interested in to info@FilozoikiKritis.gr and we will get back to you with all the relative info! Thank you!!!

  4. Hello, I am looking for information about your volunteer program…i will be in Greece in Summer 2012 and I am looking for some animal experience. My email is marianthig10@yahoo.com. Thank you for your time.

    Marianthi Gelatos

  5. email coming your way! Thank you!

  6. Hello! Thank you for your offer of help, we will be contacting you by email for more info!

  7. Hi! I am interested in having some practice with animal care. I will be in Greece in August, so I could stay for some time in order to be a voluntary.

    Could you please some further information about your programmes?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  8. i am so sorry to hear about wobbly. he was a lovely dog. But he had a very good life at the haven. i miss hem and i am thinking about him ,and all of you. goobye dear wobbly,i never forget you sweetie

  9. Dear James,
    Thank you for your kind offer of help but I am afraid that Greek laws make it extremely difficult for an overseas veterinarian to practice in the country without having an equipped clinic.
    The CAWG works with local vets and we have no shelter or clinic of our own as we work through foster homes.
    However, you could contact Greek Animal Welfare Fund seeking contacts within Greece and Arkturos to offer them help at the bear sanctuary.
    We wish you all the best in your ventures!

  10. im James Lester R. Castronuevo, a fresh graduate of Doctor of Veterinary Madicine at University of Southern Mindanao, Philippines. During my internship period i spent a few months in ZOOBIC SAFARI (Philippines), a zoo that caters wild and exotic animals, dealing with disease diagnosis, treatment, animal restrain and nutrition.Another was in AVILON ZOO, the largest animal ZOO in the Philippines. I also spent a few months at “Philippine Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals”, an American foundation in the Philippines that is the home for rescued small animals where i dealt with disease diagnosis and treament. Moreover, I also had my intership at “Wildlife in Need Rescue Center”, and “Ocean Adventue” where my abilities and skills were honed with regards to marine mammal nutrition, disease diagnosis, treatment and rescue. Furthermore I also spent my internship days at MODOMO EQUINE CLINIC and PETROPOLIS ANIMAL CLINIC. With this connection, to further my experience as a veterinarian and to to become competent enough with my chosen profession, i woud like to apply as a volunteer.

    hoping for your kind consieration!

    Godbless you!

For inquiries please Email us at: info@CretanAnimalWelfare.org / info@FilozoikiKritis.gr

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