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    2. Notify http://www.himaira.gr/

    3. Advertise in pet shops, veterinary surgeries and newspapers.

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Golden Oldies & Special Cases!!!



Tzoulis was named after Nerantzoulis bakery in Malia where he was found one rainy day, thin, scared and with open wounds. Even though he was afraid, he was not at all hesitant to get into the car. He has recovered well but as he is an old dog and his liver is not in the best condition, so it is possible that a special home will be difficult to find and that he will join our Golden Oldies club for a while to come.




Poppy is a shy cat and she doesn’t like dogs. What she does like is food! And lots of it! She had adapted to her foster home but we are unsure whether she would adapt elsewhere so her adoption has not been promoted further.


Donkeys & co

CAWG fosters at the moment 4 older rescue donkeys: Daphne, Marigold, Yucca and Hebe, also known as The Flowers of ‘The Haven’…


Daphne arrived in 2006 after her owner who had bought her to use for rides abandoned her with a deep open and infected wound from her head collar. As if this was not enough, some drunken English tourists tried to push her into a swimming pool but they got kicked in instead! Now she is fully recovered, living happily and enjoying her food a bit too much!

MarigoldMarigold was an abandoned donkey which we received a telephone call from the Neapolis municipality about. The municipality arranged for transport in order for the donkey to be saved. She happily joined the goats, Larry the Lamb and Daphne and is still being spoilt!

YuccaYucca had worked for 25 years next to her loving 86 year old owner but once he could no longer care for her and didn’t want to abandon her, she was rescued and brought to join the other 2!

HebeHebe is very different in looks to the other 3 girls as she is light coloured! Her Greek family who bought her for the children could no longer care for her, this was apparant from her hooves and teeth which received highest priority attention during our vet visit!

LarryLarrythe Lamb”… we know he is not a donkey! But Larry is so attached to our donkeys and particularly Hebe that we cannot bear to seperate them, even for a few web pages! Larry was found as a lamb abandoned in the full summer sun at the side of a busy road. He had a serious infection and pneumonia and nobody expected him to survive but has since recovered and is living happily with the 4 girls!

Larry & Hebe


8 Responses

  1. Καλή Χρονιά!!!
    Ευχαριστούμε για το ενδιαφέρον που επιδείξατε και χαιρόμαστε με την όμορφη ιδέα που έχετε! Επειδή το θέμα σηκώνει συζήτηση, θα σας στείλουμε εμάιλ!

  2. Γεια σας ,Καλή Χρονιά σας εύχομαι
    Αγαπω τα ζωα και με ενδιαφερει να κανω μια φαρμα με ζωα εχω 2 αλογα και σας παρακαλω πες τε μου αν και πως μπορω να μαζεψω γαιδουρακια και αν υπαρχει περιπτωση να μου καλυψει το κρατος καποια απο τα εξοδα της διατροφής τους

  3. Hi and thank you for contacting us!
    We would need you to clarify whether you are looking for voluntary or paid work as CAWG is a volunteer based charity with no paid staff…
    Thank you for your interest and hope to hear from you again!

  4. Hi.
    We are a hungaryan couple and we live in crete.
    we like the animals more than normal people.If you need worker we are flexible to move.Balazs can be a driver (a,b,c,e,driver licens).Or any job is fine for us.we have dog,so we know how we need to take care about the animals.we will be happy if you can offer some job for us.thank you.have nice day.

  5. Dear Jodie,
    thank you for clarifying! The bank details are on the HELP page of the blog. Should you wish the funds to be changed into GBP then transfer to UK bank (Lloyds) but if you prefer to change into EUR then it is the GR bank details you need (Emporiki). The address is The Haven, Malia 700 07, Crete, Greece.
    Thank you once again for your support! Gestures like these mean we can reach so many more animals!

  6. Thank you Angela for the support!!!

  7. HI Great, your succcess,
    Love, Angela Germany Herten

  8. Please confirm your bank transfer info from the US, sorry to say put we are bit confused since it does not show charity name address for our records etc. Our last donation was 5000.00 and we would like to send money this year to help.

    Kindest regards,

For inquiries please Email us at: info@CretanAnimalWelfare.org / info@FilozoikiKritis.gr

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