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  • Lost a Dog?

    1. Notify http://www.himaira.gr/

    2. Notify http://www.hva.gr/index.php?topic=lost

    3. Advertise in pet shops, veterinary surgeries and newspapers.

    4. Notify your surrounding municipalities.
  • Found A Dog?

    1. Check http://www.hva.gr/index.php?topic=lost

    2. Notify http://www.himaira.gr/

    3. Advertise in pet shops, veterinary surgeries and newspapers.

    4. Contact your local municipality (strays / unwanted dogs are their responsibility since the issue of Law 3170/03 voted in Summer 2003)

    5. Should your municipality fail to take action, please make a written statement at your nearest police department.
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Help Us!

We have been saving the lives of animals for 13 years…

Our achievements to date:

Neutering: 400 dogs and 1000 cats (through rescue, subsidised neutering and catch/neuter/release)

Education: 20 school presentations (2000 children ages 5-12), training provided to other societies, 2 target age group leaflets printed

Political: 2009 Budget for animal welfare agreed by Malia Municipality, Municipal bans on circuses with animals on Crete

Equine Outreach: 200 equines and their owners helped through a visiting farrier and an equine dentist

Animal rescue: more than 3000 animals (dogs, cats, donkeys and wildlife)

Please help us provide a better future for them in the years to come…

Active help?

Become a member/supporter of CAWG and receive our Paw Print Newsletter

Donate goods for our shop and bazaar

Become a volunteer for CAWG even when you have only an hour/month (see below suggestions):

  • Admin Related: Research, Article writing, Letter writing, Grant applications, Advertising, Graphic Design, Translations, Questionnaires/Surveys
  • People Related: Board member, Volunteer Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Foster homes Coordinator, Fundraising, Public Relations, Marketing
  • Animal Related: Feeding, Cleaning, Brushing (donkeys), Walking, Airport Runs, Cat Trapping, Vet visits, Fostering, Emergency calls
  • Interested in a Specific Project? Humane Education, Subsidised Neutering of Owned Dogs, Equine Outreach Project, Cat Cafes, Campaigns, Fostering & Referrals (Companion Animals & Wildlife)

No time, but you can spare a small donation?

  • International Bank Transfers:


IBAN: GR 53 0120 7390 0000 00043992431


  • Transfers within Greece:


Account Number: 43992431

Swift code: GR 53 0120 7390

(Commercial Bank-EMPORIKI)

  • Payments/Direct Debit can also be made directly into our UK account:

Lloyds TSB plc, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, in the name of

Cretan Animal Welfare Group

Account Number: 0122 7605

Sort Code: 30-90-79

  • Donate through Paypal
  • send money to: info@CretanAnimalWelfare.org


Note: If you wish to donate specifically to one of out projects e.g. Chrysalis Humane Education & Campaign Dpt. please specify when you make your donation.

We are grateful for any help you can offer, thank you!!!


Email:    info@CretanAnimalWelfare.org

CAWG main +30 6944 690368 (Recorded Message)

Subsidised Neutering Project & Chrysalis +30 6993 023797


Veterinarian A. Badouvas +30 2810 317 870

Veterinarian Out of Hours +30 6999 908190

Municipalities Link



46 Responses

  1. Please send us your CV and what kind of animal protection work you would be interested in to info@CretanAnimalWelfare.org and we will send you all the relevant info! Thank you!!!

  2. Hello, I’m an 18-year old girl and I finished school in june this year. So, from September and forward, I got nothing to do!
    I am interested in volunteering (especially helping animals) and I would like to know more about how it works, where/when/what etc.

  3. O course and thank you for contacting us! We will send you an email with all relevant information!

  4. Hey, I am thinking about volunteering this summer. Please can you give me more information. x

  5. Hello Dana! thank you for contacting us! We do indeed work with volunteers and interns but as there is lots of information to pass on, we will send you an email!

  6. Hello,
    I was wondering if you also work with interns? Because I’m looking for in internship in te period from 29august ’till 11november.

  7. HI Kerenza.

    Does that mean that you do not want any more supporters, donating via direct debit?

  8. Hello! Thank you for your offer of help, we will be contacting you by email for more info!

  9. Hello and thank you for the interest in supporting our work! We already have supporters who donate via direct debit a certain amount each month to help us continue our work helping animals on Crete. On this page you can find our bank details: http://cretananimalwelfare.org/help/
    thank you!

  10. Hi! Is it possibly to donate a certain amount every month?

  11. Hi,I’m very interested in helping you this summer.Can you tell me how can I become a volunteer,and everything about the program,when it starts,what are the fees,etc.
    Thank you 🙂

  12. Hello and thank you for your kind offer of help! We will send you an email with various information regarding volunteering for animals in Crete!

  13. Hi! I am also interested in the possibility of coming for a couple weeks this summer to volunteer if it is needed. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  14. Hi,
    I was wondering if I could come out and help volunteer in something animal-based for a week in the summer, maybe late july or august time? Please let me know if you have anything for me!

  15. Dear Karel,
    thank you for your kind offer of help! We will be in touch via email regarding the details!

  16. Hi! We will let you know via email if we have any requests for putting a Labrador up for adoption!

  17. Hello.I’ m looking for a young lambrador.I have plenty of space in village near to Iraklio.If anyones has and give it for free please let me know.Thanks a lot.

  18. I quit my job as a teacher in Holland some time ago because I wanted to help animals in need all over the world. Now I’m working with elephants in Thailand and before that I runned a animal shelter in India for almost a year. The place where I’m staying now has lots of volunteers so I think I can be of more use somewhere else. Please let me know if you’re interested in a long term volunteer or not.

    Warm regards,

  19. If you can get any photos for us, please send and we will post on the website. However, we must be sure that the owner is willing to rehome him as, strange as it seems, sometimes they are not happy to.

  20. Hello Mary Lindsay,

    There is a beautifull male labrador, Evan, living in a chain next to where I live in Heraklion. He lived around people the first part of his life but now his owners don´t care about him anymore. He is about 2-3 years old and has a very good temperament. I think his owners will be interested in giving him away. If you could have any kind of interest in him and wants to meet him, let me know 🙂

  21. Dear Ms. Lindsay,
    thank you for contacting us and wanting to adopt an animal in need of a loving home.
    In one of our foster homes we have Tzoulis http://cretananimalwelfare.org/goldies/ but he is an older pointer so not sure whether you would be interested in meeting him. If you are, please contact us by email info@CretanAnimalWelfare.org as he too is in desperate need of love and attention…
    Other shelters and charities that may have a positive match for you are:
    All the best in your search

  22. Having recently lost a much loved pointer,I am interested in giving a good home another pointer. I live in the Rethymno area and would be grateful if any of your members know of any pups available. Many thanks

  23. Dear Jenny!
    Thank you for your kind offer of help, could you please email us info@cretananimalwelfare.org so we can send you a conclusive reply?
    Thank you!

  24. hi i live in england and would love to come out to volunteer in summer 2011. can you send me some info via email about duties, timescales and accommodation costs please?

  25. Thank you so much for your offer of help! We will be in touch via email!

  26. I am from Denmark and live in Heraklion right now, and I´m interested in helping You with the animals. Please send me information about what I can do!

  27. Hi and thank you so much for the offer of help!
    We will contact you via email regarding ideas of how volunteers can help! It really means a lot to us when there are an extra pair of hands to help animals!

  28. I think what you are doing is so extremely amazing! I am from sweden but i am living in iraklio right now, and i am wondering if there is anything i could do to help out? i love animals and i would be happy to be a part of this.

  29. Kerenza – thank you very much for your kind and thorough reply to my inquiry re: horses on Crete!! Ashleigh 🙂

  30. Hi! Please see this reply from a supporter of CAWG:
    ”I kept my horse in Crete, and although it is horse friendly to some extent there are some things that you need to consider.
    I kept my horse at a livery yard near to Heraklion, the cost of livery is about 300 euros a month. (basic plan)
    There is no summer grazing on the island, so you need to prepare to keep your horse stabled for 12 months of the year. Meadow hay is rarely available (there is no grass) and what there is is usually imported, and costs from 12- 28 euros a bale.It is that dear they charge by the kilo. Most people feed their animals seeded straw or a very rich kind of clover hay. The same applies to horse food, you can either import or there is pretty low quality stuff available from local animal feeders.
    Be prepared for the great expense that will be involved and lack of equestrian specialists like farriers and equine vets and suppliers.
    Also consider the stress for your horse with the journey. It is 12 hours by in a drafty ferry from Athens to Crete and i know of too many horses that didn’t make it.”

  31. We are possibly moving to Crete/Chania area and have a 17h Thoroughbred horse (for at least 2 yrs). Can anyone comment on whether it is a good idea to bring this horse? Is this area horse-friendly? Expensive to board? Horse feed and hay readily available? We are grateful for any comments or help in this regard.

  32. Thank you!!! All went well and everyone was happy with the turnout! Posts will be coming up in the next few days with photos and info!

  33. I have just returned from Crete, had i been still there i would have attended tommorow. I hope it goes well and you raise lots of much needed funds

  34. thank you!!!

  35. Dear kerenza,gayner,and michalis.Please keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow.i hope that the people will give a lot off money for all animals. love from me and smokey

  36. Thank you!!! I will email you to let you know!

  37. Hello everyone!!!
    If I’ll manage to take a day off on 10/10 I will be glad to help too!
    I’m waiting for instructions!

  38. Hi Stella!

    thank you for the encouragement! As there are many ways a volunteer can help and it depends on whether you are resident on Crete or not, I will contact you personally with some ideas via email!

    Thank you once again!

  39. Congrats on the great work you are doing.
    I would also like to know what options i have in helping out.
    All the best!

  40. Hi Emma!
    Thank you for the offer!!!
    We will be sending you an email with info about volunteering as it is a bit long to post as a comment on the website…

    All the best,

  41. I would love to come over and volunteer, in any capacity, I’m currently in England but am so eager to come over and help. I’ve volunteered at an animal sanctuary before in Spain, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done, I would love to do this sort of thing again. I’ve got nothing to keep me in England and would love to spend my time doing something that is worthwhile. People like you who do so much to help animals are a complete treasure, I just wish there were more people like you in thw world.

  42. Dear Heidi,
    thank you so much for your kind offer of help, volunteers are such an important part of any charity work! In this link you can see some things a volunteer can do but I will send you a more detailed list of ideas through email:-) http://cretananimalwelfare.org/2009/06/03/volunteering-improves-health/
    All the best!

  43. Very good job!!!
    I’m moving to Crete from the Netherlands in October and I would love to do something in animal rescue as a volunteer, could you tell if you have options and if so, what can you do as a volunteer?

    Good luck with all your work!


  44. Thank you very much!!! It is always so nice to receive positive comments and encouragement:-)

  45. Congratulations for the great work that you are doing…i wish you good health and hope soon to come and visit you

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