Kindergarden time!!!

We helped a student with her practical work in her final semester as her topic was ‘Dogs and caring for animals’.


Children (ages 4-6)  made dog feeding bowls, what a dog needs and how we care for a dog!


Well done to everyone involved and thank you!



Greek Undercover Video of Circus Elephant Abuse!

Please Help us Achieve a Ban on Circuses with Animals in Greece!!!


Arktouros Petition (Greek)

Paw Print Spring/Summer 2009

Appreciation Certificates

CAWG has awarded its partners with Certificates of Appreciation for their valuable ongoing support!

Gringo's Certificate

Gringo's Certificate

Partners awarded:

Gringo’s Mexican Restaurant (Malia)

Cretan Malia Park Hotel

Malia Holidays Hotel

Aquaworld Aquarium (Hersonissos)

Halkiadakis/Spar Super Market (Malia)


Appalling scenes of horrendous mass pig killing taking place in Egypt right now have sparked international protest. From media footage, we have seen hundreds of live pigs being thrown on top of each other into huge dumper trucks. Some must surely suffocate right away or break their limbs. They are then driven to a mass grave, thrown into it and covered in what appears to be quicklime, where they must endure a slow and agonising death.

Please write urgently to the Egyptian Ambassador in your own country, calling for a halt to this inhumane killing. Visit these websites to take action now!

Monday is your day!

Princess Elizabeth de Croy – thank you…and farewell

It is with great sadness that I must inform you of the death of our President, Princess Elizabeth de Croy who passed away on 18th May 2009. With her passing, I have not only lost a personal and inspirational friend, but the animal welfare movement has also lost a great activist and leader. She gave shelter to many animals at Refuge de Thiernay, her organisation and home in France. She was also very passionate about the suffering of countless animals across the world. She was a true ambassador for animals. Because of her, government officials were willing to talk to animal groups, and the media reported stories on animals in countries where animal welfare was not widely accepted.


Princess Elizabeth was admitted to hospital in April and returned to her home in early May. Even on her sickbed she was still determined to learn more about animal welfare issues and how she could help. While in hospital, she said: “It is such a nuisance to die when there is so much more I need to do to help people and animals.” Just a few days before she passed away, we spoke about our latest project in China, and planned to talk more about the work she loved when she recovered. Sadly, this time she could not fight her illness. The day before she passed away, I was at her bed side and said a sad farewell. I thanked her on behalf of myself and all the animals who have benefited from her presence in this world.

Pei-Feng Su,
Executive Director ACTAsia for Animals